GoDaddy. Go Me.

My intimate relationship with GoDaddy began, what seems like, a lifetime ago. I was young and innocent, and although I enjoyed learning new technologies at my corporate job, I was dreaming and itching to break free from that hostile, political environment. I thought to myself, “I’m creative”. “I’m smart”. “And I’m certainly a techie”.

I’ll build websites!

I began snatching up every clever domain name that I could think of, no matter what the topic. Flash forward 2017: search GoDaddy for your great domain name today and you’ll find it’s not available. You then go directly to the URL to check out the site, but there isn’t one.

Just a page saying that some schmuck wants to sell it to you for $5 grand.

As I began my quest for freedom, GoDaddy became my GoTo source for domain name purchases. My first hosting experience wasn’t with GoDaddy but with a company called HostGator. It was here that I discovered the wonderful world of cPanel and the vast number of tools within.


I was mesmerized. The possibilities were endless in this utopia called cPanel. I began to experiment with Mambo, Drupal, and Joomla. There were countless add-ons to enhance my sites which lead to my teaching myself a bit of PHP. I soon discovered where I found beautiful, royalty-free images to make my sites pretty. And there was affiliate marketing. A way to monetize my fabulous creations!

This was no small feat.

I had absolutely zero experience with CMS applications and even less knowledge about PHP. So I Googled and Googled and devoured every bit of knowledge I could obtain. Hours of study and work turned to days which turned to weeks and then months. I was proud of my work and enjoyed every minute that I spent doing it.

But in the end, my brief attempts at affiliate marketing, not surprisingly, failed and I eventually abandoned all of the wonderful Drupal and Joomla sites that I had proudly built.

And then, after 24 years of dedicated service to Corporate America, I was abruptly, and rudely, LET GO.

“We no longer need your services”.

Shock lead to anger, then sadness and depression, which eventually transformed to joy, relief, and extreme euphoria.

I was free.

Today, as a Virtual Assistant, I work toward helping small businesses thrive and grow. GoDaddy is, once again, a big part of my business (and personal) life. I continue to use their domain services and have returned to the world of cPanel, which has only continued to grow rich with features with each new update. You may save a dollar or two with another hosting service. But GoDaddy’s suite of tools, customer service, and dedication to their customers is, in my opinion, irreplaceable.